So What's This All About?

Between '99 & '03 Rory was the most downloaded national act in the US. In Feb '00, he sold enough CDs to be under Eminem on Rolling Stone' Billboard Charts. After years of MTV and opening for Stone Temple Pilots, Everclear, Violent Femmes, George Thorogood, Joan Jett, Jerry Lee Lewis and others, he left it all to became a doctor in Computational Neuroscience. Now he's back!


I'm Rory, I compose and play songs. We also play Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Grateful Dead and others.


One Strat. One Tele.

When I am not doing research

Music Information Retrieval (MIR) is making machines identify, what instruments, chords, notes and scales are in a song. Knowing this allows the machine to "tell you" what emotions a particular song will invoke. Students studying MIR typiclaly transform this research to radar, earthquakes, seizures, heart attacks and any other artificial intelligence fields requiring analysis of sinusoidal signals. I make my machines understand signals in the human body. However, I still have fun, extrapolating rules from number one hits and then testing them on my own music.

Rolling Stone Magazine

in the February 17, 2000 issue, it was no suprise. He was packing the house at CBGB's, Manny's Car Wash and alyternative hippie clubs in Village on a weekly basis. He was also dominating all the major music internet sites at the time, MySpace, MP3.com and others as seen in the links on this web page.


My PhD dissertation was the link between neurosciences and the mathematics of music theory. Nowadays, two colleagues and I play in a band on Thursday nights.


It began in Venice Beach. After getting signed to EMI South Africa, Leo Sayer's manager encouraged Rory to come to California. The So Ugh L.A.! songs tracks this story that leads to massive crowds on the East Coast, cd, merch and tour $$ allowed Rory to go to University. test