Rory Lewis Band

I am a research scientist who enjoys playing music at times. Some people like listening to my music.

When I am not doing research

Music Information Retrieval (MIR) is making machines identify, what instruments, chords, notes and scales are in a song. Knowing this allows the machine to "tell you" what emotions a particular song will invoke. Students studying MIR typiclaly transform this research to radar, earthquakes, seizures, heart attacks and any other artificial intelligence fields requiring analysis of sinusoidal signals. I make my machines think and correct themselves. However, I still have fun, extrapolating rules from number one hits and then testing them on my own music.

Rory Lewis: Music Information Retrieval (MIR)

Testing out whether my MIR works I made a CD in 2000 and it made Rolling Stone Magazine, MTV and allowed us to have fun opening up for "real musicians" such as Jerry Lee Lewis and The Violent Femmes. So the algorithms probably worked. See here


We use the word "band" very loosely here! But a few professors from Denver University and Anschutz Medical School get together on Thursday nights and we "play music". The funniest thing about the band is that there are more degrees, and PhDs than there is ... musical ability but we have a lot of fun. :-)