Mathematicians and Musicians

When a child learns how to play a musical instrument, their parietal lobe region learns it while the prefrontal lobe is used when the child plays the instrument. These synapses are perfectly connected for later when that teenager takes AP Calculus.

Mick Jagger qualified for the London School of Economics, and Beethoven was almost completely deaf at the premiere of his Ninth Symphony in May 1824.

Mathematicians and musicians are a little strange.

Rory's PhD and research centers around the mathematical theory of machine intelligence, ..., and he's been know to sing a song or two. ;-

Rory Lewis JD PhD

Rory is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Many years ago he was signed to EMI records in South Africa, distributed through Columbia Records in the US, was on MTV and sold enough songs to make it onto Rolling Stone Magazine Charts. This site provides some history and a place for one to learn the music.