Between '99 & '03 Rory was the most downloaded unsigned band on the internet. In Feb '00, he sold enough CDs to be under Eminem on Rolling Stone Charts.



After years of MTV and playing opening acts for Stone Temple Pilots, Everclear, Violent Femmes and others, he left it all to became a doctor in computational neurosciences.



Now he's back! Rory's 3rd CD: So Ugh L.A.! is not officially released yet but its already had millions of hits of demo, videos and snippets.


Ironically its bigger than ever! Students are downloading the songs, Its being played at Ski resorts all over Colorado and the marketing has not even begun yet!

... Some Fun Facts about the soon to be released CD.



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The Band

Rory Lewis: Guitar & vocals

about_Rory Lewis Band

Rory was signed onto EMI records in South Africa as a teenager. In the US his CD sales, as an unsigned artist, had him two slots below Eminem on Rolling Stone Magazine’s Billboard Charts. Rory has opened up for Jerry Lee Lewis, Violent Femmes, Everclear and Stone Temple Pilots to name a few. He was a hit on MTV when it had music. Nowadays Rory is a Doctor in Computational Neurosciences at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and at Anschutz Medical School on the Denver Campus

Valerie Carricato: Drums & vocals

Valerie Carricato

By age ten Valerie was playing drums in blues bands and in her elementary school band. She then began drum lessons with world renowned drummer Dewey Steele. By Age 13 she was a regular drummer at jams, blues clubs and hip hop shows. Valerie currently resides in Colorado where she performs live, records, and teaches drums. Playing drums and singing at such a high level in the Rory Lewis Band is a new exciting adventure. Valerie’s ability for complex beats is amazing. Simply put, Valerie’s mind-bending drumming is magic!

Prasanna Bishop: Producer & sax.


There is a reason that bands such as Eminem, String Cheese Incident and Big Head Todd & The Monsters and many others all travel to Prasanna’s Akashic Recording Studios in Boulder, Colorado: they want their music to be immersed in ‘the magic’. Some say its utter madness guided by the wisdom of silence. Some say he brings the wilderness of the soul into the jam. Just as the lines on his saxophone and snowoard come from the same mystical place so do musicians and listeners feel the mystery.

Kim Stone: Bass.


Following a four year stint with east coast based Spyro Gyra, Kim headed West where he worked with the world renowned Rippingtons until 2008. Kim’s other credits include working with such greats as B. B. King, Richy Cole and Taj Mahal. In addition, Kim has received five Grammy nominations for four records with Spyro Gyra and one with Rare Silk. Kim has played with Valerie and with Prasanna, so playing these bass sessions with Rory was a perfect fit. At times though, recording would stop as everybody just listened to Kim play!

Everybody trina be a movie star

Everybody trina be a rock roll star

It was so ... ugh ... L.A.!

Rory Lewis

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