The world's first AI co-op run by the people for the people where no one human being controsl innertron. The AI is let loose and controlled by the community

Donate & be a part on innertron's early trials 

Due to overwheming interest in the innertron prototype Dr. Lewis and his PhDs are focused on optimizing the AI on the ~10,000 users we currently have. We need to buy more servers and hire more CS and AI PhDs/Post Docs for our July 2020 release. It is then that we'll start welcoming and processing series of blocks of 5K new users. To be in a block we ask that you donate and click on the option to give us your email so we can let you know what block & date you're in. No preference will be given to those who donate more so please don't ask.

Once you're in a block, we'll send you updates, videos of us working on the system, and, if you so chose, have you test drive prototypes and give us feedback and maybe get hired yourself. Sincerely. Gupta, PhD student AI.