After a parachute accident in South African Special Forces Rory went to hospital in Paarl, near Cape Town. After two months, doctors suggested he relocate nearer to home to go through months of physical therapy. The closest military unit to Rory's residence was a military band. So, from May to August in 1981, Rory hung out at the Light Horse Band, under Major Neville Roe. There Rory wrote a song for his girlfriend, Heid , who was a model and had friends in the music industry. Se played the sone to them and  after a live performance ay Warner Record's studios, Rory signed with Warner Records.

Within months, Rory had gone from Special Forces combat in Mozambique & Angola to singing his songs and wearing makeup on stage, and ...  hearing his songs being played on the radio. Leo Sayer was touring South Africa at the time and heard Rory's songs on the radio. His manager arranged with Dennis Schwartz, Rory's manager, and Warner Records, to have Rory go to Los Angeles. Heidi committed suicide. Rory left for Los Angeles on November 7th, 1981.

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WEA Records   

Solid airplay. Leo Sayer heard it and his manager invited Rory to Los Angeles

Venice Beach CA

Rory lives next to Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. Meets Ben Easton hangliding

Bozeman MT

Not much music as Rory focuses in Electrical Engineering and raising his daughters

Syracuse NY

Rory plays the NYC-Buffalo Circuit. Jams at Mannies Car Wash and CBGBs NYC

Charlotte NC

MTV, Rolling Stone Magazine charts, touring East Coast and opening for major Acts

COlorado Springs CO

Professor of Computer Science/Bachelor of Innovation at UCCS. Working on 4th ALbum