1982 - 1988

Rory settled into the second-floor corner of the Rose Apartments. Warner Records USA, turned him down. Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys lived 3 houses away and arranged for Rory to see Stevie Wonder, but when they saw the "African singer” was white they turned Rory down. In 1985, Dave Urso of Elektra Records saw Rory playing at clubs along Venice Beach and after many months, it ended up being a choice between Dan Baird of the Georgia Satellites and Rory. Dan and Rory played the same music on butterscotch blonde Fender Telecasters with Maple Fingerboards. The negotiations went on for months but in May 1986 they chose the Georgia Satellites.

It was a pretty big blow to the gut. Rory, decided to focus on academics and started going to classes at Pierce Los Angeles Community College in late 1986. e married Moira Prophet, who unbeknownst to him was the daughter of a wacky guru called Elizabeth Claire Prohet. He then left with his young family to Montana State University in December 1988 to study Electrical Engineering.

With Ben Easton hangliding in Sylmar CA. 1983

December 1981. Hollywood Hills and Marina Del Rey