Bozeman MT

1988 - 1990

The lonely years. Rory's mother-in-law, Elizabeth Prophet, forced Moira to divorce Rory because he saw through their lies. See Oprah Winfrey with Moira here.

Rory focused on his Electrical Engineering and became intrigued with the mathematical theory of, arpeggios, modes and scales of disparate forms of music. In the evening he'd go with his band or sit in with bands at the Cats Paw.

At the time one of the only universities to offer electrical engineering of microprocessors was Syracuse. This attracted Rory. as it was also near to NYC’s band scene. Moira escaped the cult and the family arrived in Syracuse, on the day Stevie Ray Vaughan died, August 27, 1990.

Cats Paw. Rory played with his own band and sat in with many travelling bands.

Rory with Tony, his roomate, who was studying architecture.

Thousands of hours spent on music theory of disparate music forms