1990 - 1997

Syracuse was a very busy time. the Computer & Electrical Engineering degree was tough, and Moira divorced Rory again. When not at school studying, Rory began to play at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syracuse, which, along with the Inn Complete Bar, were part of the NYC-to-Buffalo-& back band circuit that national acts would be sent on. After a while Rory grew a following and acts would advertise that Rory would be playing with them when they got to Syracuse.

Rory's study partner in Computer & Electrical Engineering, Mario Piazza, wound up getting a job as a sound engineer at the hit Factory. Late in the evening, of course, Mario and Rory would record music. Mario also ran sound and guitar teched for Rory a couple of times at CBGB's.

When Rory entered Syracuse Law School he had a lot more free time to play music, compared to when he was completing his Engineering degree. Things really turned around when he began to travel to Manhattan each week and eventually play at Manny’s Car Wash. It took about four visits to finally get on stage, but once he did, he earned the respect of the NYC blues scene and was a fixture. Totally opposite to Manny's Car Wash was CBGB's, where Rory finally got the crowd and the response he loved. However, on each weekly trip to Manhattan he'd be at Manny’s, or in Greenwich Village such as The Red Lion Bar, Cafe Wha and Bitter End. The mathematics of what scales worked on what songs was intriguing for Rory and he eventually used some of these algorithms for his PhD Dissertation in Computer Science, artificial intelligence 12 years later.

Side Note. In 2019, Rory visited the Red Lion Bar where Big Ed Sullivan, after 35 years, is still running the show. He recognized Rory from many years ago (1992 thru 1998) and shook his hand. That was a honor for Rory.

In 2002 Rory began a PhD in Computer Science under the world renown mathematician Professor Zbigniew Ras. See here.